Peer Justice Initiative

Our Purpose

PJI is comprised of NCCPSS with lived criminal justice experience that are organizing to:

1) establish a NC “Forensic Peer Support” (FPS) credential
2) utilize nationally recognized FPS training to build the NC FPS workforce, 3) impact criminal justice reform efforts, and 4) advocate for FPS integrated into diversion, re-entry, and jail/prison efforts.

Among the priority areas of PJI is to establish a NC Forensic Peer Support credential. A national FPS training,

developed by the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumer Association (PMHCA), Drexel University, PA Mental Health and Justice Center of Excellence, and PA Department of Corrections, was funded and endorsed by SAMHSA. This resulted in a 3-day training and national FPS credential. Each state develops their own requirements for a state recognized credential and PVNC and PJI are intending to guide the development of the credentialing requirements for NC. Overall, PJI has been intentionally organized to:

“Forensic Peer Specialists embody the potential for recovery for people who confront the dual stigmas associated with serious mental illness and criminal justice involvement”
Davidson and Roe

Forensic Peer Support Training is now open!

PJI members are committed to advancing the intentional and authentic use of forensically trained and credentialed Forensic Peer Support Specialists (FPSS) throughout all “intercepts” of the Sequential Intercept Model of criminal justice systems and has engaged the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumer Association (PMHA) and Drexel University to provide the 3-Day Forensic Peer Support Training in NC.
The first training occurred December 9-11th in Charlotte, NC for 25 CPSS from Western to Central NC. 
The second training will occur in March in Durham, NC for 25 CPSS from Eastern to Central NC. The link to the application will be posted in January.
Once each group has been trained, they will work together to formulate recommendations for the NC Forensic Peer Support professional and training standards and credentialing.