Policy and Legislative Advocacy Coalition

PLA's Purpose

The aim of this coalition is to become key influencers of legislation, practices, and funding in our state through our unique and timely framework using stories and relevant data.

The effort is rooted in the 1) potential for individual resilience and recovery, 2) elevating social justice, and 3) improving outcomes in our communities.

Through policy and legislative influence we impact the culture of care both within and beyond publicly funded systems, resulting in more responsive community resources with service provision, yielding better results while decreasing public costs.

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Through education and alliance with partners, we will effectively engage our uniquely North Carolinian processes that result in law, policy, and practices


We will develop our peer advocacy base through a passionate and trained coalition whose efforts will include informing PeerVoice members and supporting them toward local advocacy through a community wide advocacy agenda.

Establish Valued Legitimacy

Peer advocacy will step into the void where lawmakers are not hearing from service users, ex-service users, or survivors. Our purpose will be to become the respected voices that cannot easily be dismissed by elected officials who often hear only from paid lobbyists.

Leverage Progress!

We will seek to leverage progress through the development of productive relationships within the Department of Health and Human Services and its Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Use Services. A team of savvy advocates can impact policy and practices through participation in established advisory committees such as Consumer and Family Advisory Committees and through participation on various workgroups that arise to meet strategy needs of the Department and the Division. Partnering with others around shared values, ALL of our voices become more empowered!